Verizon to AT&T RE: Lawsuit: “The Truth Hurts”

So, you might have heard that AT&T is suing Verizon for misrepresenting them in the “There’s a Map for that” ads that attack AT&T’s coverage. AT&T tried to “set the record straight“, but Verizon continues to hold firm, and has even gone so far to say that AT&T only launched the lawsuit because “the truth hurts”. Oh, snap. Verizon is refuting the temporary restraining order that AT&T is demanding for the ads, on the basis that AT&T has apparently admitted that the coverage maps used in the ads are entirely accurate, and the comparison Verizon makes is apt. AT&T’s angle is “Verizon has stepped over the line of legitimate comparative advertising,” which sounds really wishy-washy to me. It looks like this whole situation is quickly degenerating to a PR slap-fight, and will probably result in nothing productive in the long run (however entertaining the drama may be).

[via Engadget]

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