GPhone: T-Mobile Acknowledges Android Device, Google to Sell Exclusively Online

imageWe’ve seen plenty of the HTC Nexus One (A.K.A Passion), reported to be the One True Google Phone, but aside from T-Mobile’s involvement, we really didn’t know who would be offering what. Rumours swirled that Google be subsidizing the handset and offering it unlocked, but nothing substantial proved the fact. Today, T-Mobile has internally acknowledged that, yes, Google will be helping them launch an Android device in January (likely the 5th., according to event invites), and yes, it will be sold exclusively by Google online. The Nexus One branding is nowhere to be seen here, so who knows if they’ve changed the name, or if it’s two different handsets altogether. To further cement the ambiguity, the dock’s FCC filing refers to it as the Google Phone in some places, and Nexus One in others. As for the workload, T-Mobile will handle billing, coverage, features and rate plans for buyers, while HTC and Google take care of support and exchanges. Whatever happens, we look forward to seeing what the story is with this device next week at CES.

[via TMoNews]

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