Zune ‘Phone’ spotted in Zune software driver update


Microsoft apparently doesn’t want Apple stealing all the limelight with their upcoming iTablet/iSlate announcement tomorrow. The Project Pink rumor monger and Zune maker has released a new Zune software update that includes some juicy references to a Zune “Phone” within its Zune.inf file. What’s interesting here is that the new version code clearly shows three distinct hardware product codes for various Zune devices with “phone” capabilities that are tied to Microsoft and Microsoft only. It’s not clear if the mention of “phone” alongside Zune references an actual Zune phone from Microsoft or a reference to the confirmed future Zune integration into Windows Mobile 7, but the three specific product IDs make a good case for Microsoft finally launching their Zune phone.

Mobile World Congress is set to kick off next month, which is great timing for Microsoft to announce Windows Mobile 7 and their new Zune phones. Will we finally see Project Pink getting real with Microsoft Zune phones?

[Via: iStartedSomething]

  • Jeff

    These Zune Phones are from the same ‘Danger’ team at Microsoft that brought us the Sidekick debacle.

    Zune = Sidekick #2

    Oh, BTW, they keep no back-up 😉

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