BlackBerry Slider Spotted in the Wild

The BlackBerry slider of which we’ve been hearing whispers has made its first public appearance in these two blurry, but telling pictures. As you can see, it’s got a trackpad, a Bold-style fretted keypad, navigation keys in a unified, and a single-button style for the navigation keys much like the Storm2.

If we’re to take the specs that were leaked out earlier at face value, this slider should have OS 6.0, Wi-Fi n, have a 360 x 480 screen (possibly a SurePress touchscreen), and run on GSM networks. If it does, indeed, have both a trackpad and touchscreen, it will make for an interesting combination for a BlackBerry, but not entirely unfamiliar in the grand scheme of manufacturers. The prototype of the apparently-discontinued Magnum opted for a touchscreen without a trackpad, which could have also worked, but for fine cursor manipulation, the finger isn’t ideal.

I might take this opportunity to toot my own horn a bit for calling a BlackBerry slider at WES ’09, although that was really based on sheer logical might rather than any kind of insider information. Personally, I think a slider makes good sense for RIM. Ever since the Storm, they’ve been experimenting with new form factors, and so far, the Pearl Flip is the only one to really make a stab at the feature phone crowd. Even if all of the specs under the hood are ho-hum, your average consumer will be more interested in how it feels and looks, rather than counting than comparing RAM or processor speed. It’ll be interesting to see if it does, indeed, pack OS 6.0, but so long as it has Wi-Fi, 3G, and GPS in there, the slider should do just fine.

Another pic of the device closed after the jump… Videos and more pics are on the way, apparently, so stay tuned!

[via BBLeaks]

  • abe

    please please how do i get updates on this article i need to know if this is coming to tmobile. if someone, anyone could help my i would be most appreciated. thanks ahead of time. lol

    • Chris

      Most likeley, no promises though, it will be available on any network and come unlocked. I doubt it will be a Verizon Exclusiv. at least, not if RIMM wants to maximize its customer base. I have the original Storm and its with Verizon and all I can say is: ” I F-Ing Hate Verizon!!!
      I keep getting icons and shortcuts to junk I dont use from verizon. I have Flicker,Google this and google that, Google IM and Yahoo IM and AOL IM and BING and just all this junk items I cant stand.

      I set them to Hide and put them in a junk folder, but knowing they are there, slowly consuming resources as I get more and more is driving me crrrRRRRAZY!!!!

      I also hate how i cant remove Archived icons from AppWorld.

      Its the little annoyances that really get me. I hope RIMM makes the Storm 3 or whatever it is, more versatile and more access for users to be able to control files on the phone.

      I used to hate the word Blackberry because everyone was saying and talking about it all the time. then I fell in love with the look and feel of the Storm.

      I want to remain a blackberry person as well as many people do, I hope the new BB is hefty like the storm and has alot of the little issues cured.

      And Flash is a must as well as Wifi.
      We will forgive that incident with the storm 1 not having wifi as long as they never EVER do that to us again.

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