QiK Premium and Skype come to Nokia’s Ovi Store, which is getting 1.5 million downloads a day by the way

When it rains, it pours. Three big pieces of news relating to Nokia’s Ovi Store his the net over the past 24 hours:

  • QiK Premium was released. It’s $5/year. What does that money get you? Higher quality video playback. What do I think about live streaming video services? Waste of time. Nothing you do, NOTHING, is worth streaming live. Just wait until you get home, upload the original video file to YouTube or Vimeo, hell you could even try editing out all the boring parts to make it more interesting, and then enjoy all the high quality playback you want.
  • Skype was released. It’s free. It does exactly what Skype on your computer does, but on your Symbian powered mobile phone. None of that bullshit “you can do XYZ on WiFi, and ABC on 3G”, Nokia doesn’t impose any restrictions on what you can with your device, unlike another fruity company I know of.
  • New Ovi Store statistics were released. They’re doing 1.5 million downloads a day (or 22 downloads per second if you want to try and WOW people with useless numbers), 12 downloads per Ovi Store user on average, and twice as many people signed up to the Ovi Store in February as they did in January.

That’s it. As you were.

  • thecolor

    the only problem I see with this is that the device (well those that can qik) can already “…upload and share videos recorded with your mobile phone’s native camera application.” It’s a part of the device (assuming it has a camera and data connectivity) and apart of qik. Both are capable of storing the video locally, both take the highest video it can possibly take, both allow you to upload and share with whomever you want. So, I guess I’m not seeing the point in paying $4.99 for something you can already do for free. UNLESS… they plan on removing the already installed and functioning capabilities of the device and software included. That… would be wrong.

  • Dork

    Watch out Apple, the Ovi Store will reach 10 million daily downloads in a couple of months. And it’s not going to stop there, as there are 1.1 billion Nokia phones out there.

    Soon the Ovi store will be bigger than anything.

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