Nokia N8 64 GB press release leaked: Will be announced April 20 (Not an April Fools’ joke)

It’s April Fools’ day, and a lot of what you’re going to see on the internet is bullshit, but this blog post isn’t. The Nokia N8, which we’ve already seen in a series of leaked images, is going to be called either the Nokia N8 12 MP or the Nokia N8 64 GB. While Nokia’s marketing department is still deciding that, they’ve already drafted a press release that Eldar Murtazin from Mobile-Review got a hold of. He doesn’t post the entire thing, but enough for us to get the main idea:

Nokia N8 64 Gb – capture your life

Tuesday April 20, 2010

Espoo, Finland : When Nokia set out to make the best mobile imaging device, it combined wide angle Carl Zeiss optics and an 12 megapixel sensor, resulting in performance comparable to a stand alone digital camera. The Nokia N8 64 Gb is designed to excel in both bright and low light conditions, and it’s optimized for both video and still imaging. Its high speed connectivity ensures easy and convenient sharing. The Nokia N8 64 Gb is expected to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2010 with an estimated retail price of EUR 575, before taxes and subsidies.

“People demand mobile cameras that take excellent pictures in all light conditions,” says Juha Pekka Sipponen, Director, Nokia Nseries. “That’s why the aperture of the Nokia N8 64 Gb is comparable to that of a high quality, stand alone digital camera. Whether it’s running with the bulls in Pamplona or capturing the panoramic beauty of a sunrise over Sydney, the Nokia N8 64Gb will take brilliantly clear, wide-angle images that are instantly geotagged to be uploaded onto sites like Ovi Share or Flickr.”

We’ve seen the Nokia N8 leaked via an XML file hosted on Nokia’s very own servers, and people have told Engadget that this device is to be announced during the middle of April, so either Eldar is pulling my leg (his blog post is tagged “fun”), or this is all too good to be true.

Anyway, Q3 is a full 3 months away, and by then Apple will have announced their new iPhone so any hype this device would have generated will have already died a glorious death.

Update: I’ve been punked. It’s fake. Time for me to go stare at a wall and cry.

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