BlackBerry App Usage Beats iPhone’s During Workday – Research

We were already pretty sure people were using their BlackBerrys for work and iPhones for fun, but just to confirm, Localytics has posted some data gathered after two months of polling “millions” of iPhones and BlackBerrys for application usage. They’ve concluded that BlackBerry users, throughout the workday, are more active with apps than on an iPhone. That’s not hugely surprising considering BlackBerrys are quintessential work instruments, and appropriately, iPhone usage spiked 7% on weekends, peaking at 9 PM. BlackBerry app usage peaked at around 7 PM and differed little on weekends.

The whole idea nicely illustrates some of the social camouflage BlackBerry provides – you can be arsing around on twitter, doing absolutely nothing of any productive value whatsoever, while still looking like go-getting busybody to anyone else. What might be a little disconcerting is that BlackBerry app usage doesn’t slow down much over the weekend, which means folks are still working when they should be playing.

Despite the results being fairly predictable overall, it’s interesting see just how big the disparity is in behaviour between the two platforms.

[Marketwire via TechCrunch]

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