Video: Android 2.2 (Froyo) web browser’s increased speed negated by Adobe’s Flash 10.1 Beta

Last week at Google I/O Android 2.2 was launched, and one feature we really can’t wait to get our hands on is the improved web browser. There’s nothing wrong with the current web browser in Android 2.1, but with Google promising double, even triple, the speeds of what we’re already used to … we’re not going to turn that down.

In the video below, shot by Brandon Miniman from PocketNow, he compares the iPhone 3GS, with a Nexus One running Android 2.2, and the HTC HD2. Yes, the Nexus One wins points with the Adobe Flash crowd, but at what cost? In many instances the iPhone is faster, simply because it doesn’t load Flash content. Now depending on which side of the fence you sit, whether or not Flash on your mobile phone is a good thing, you’ve got to admit that there’s something to be said about the performance impact experienced when trying to browse the “full” internet.

Worst of all the Nexus One throws up an error about low memory after loading several websites. Steve Jobs’ letter about why Apple doesn’t support Flash on the iPad or iPhone is starting to sound rather accurate. Impact performance? Check. Impact system resources? Double check.

  • bun

    Oh yes Another Mac Fanboy. Why all of you hates flash so much. If Flash did not exist, the web is not what it was today. They initiated web video, streaming mp3 and other rich internet content capabilities.

    If it was'nt for Adobe, Apple might be dead by now. You had forgotten the days when companies buy a mac because of Adobe products. All of you extreme fanboys sucks, YOU and your cult leader Steve Jobs.

  • Lord Dextro

    I'm a little confused Stefan… are you saying that the system low memory was caused by the browser? What i saw in the video was that he had a lot of applications running at the same time… and i mean a lot 😉

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Android, unlike Symbian, has a task manager that shuts down applications accordingly. Not everything is running at the same time.

  • FraudChecker

    Nice fraudulant post: the multitude of apps running on Android vs NO apps but the browser running on the iPhone (cuz it CANT multi-task properly, even in OS4).

    Very sad.

  • gdigenis

    I didn’t watch the video but I am pretty sure that there is the option to have flash always on, always off, or to be able to select manually for each page. I read about that in a different forum

  • feltch lives

    This article is in fact quite rubbish. It makes no sense at all.

  • Joe

    PocketNow's site sucks have you looked at the HTML Code?

  • Mark Doherty

    It's just a total joke, the PocketNow site takes 21.05 seconds to load on my desktop over WIFI. It also seems that no-one told him about "Enable Plug-ins on demand" browser setting either..

    He probably just lost a ton of readers 🙂


  • Andre

    Just thought I'd explain why flash is buggy and slow.
    No hardware acceleration, in the UI, OS, or in Flash. None, zippo, zero, nada.
    I'm not entirely certain what the architecture is concerning Snapdragon but as far as I know, most mobile processors can only handle one instruction at any given point in time. If the OS has to pause loading the UI in order to process flash elements amongst the other many tasks that it has to deal with, then it should come as no suprise why it appears laggy.
    As soon as android enables GPU hardware acceleration, the better the performance.
    Furthermore, he should KNOW that it can be disabled!

  • Tochi Nwaa

    Yet another me-too blogger desperate to live on the word of Steve Jobs. Android cannot be stopped. Have you no shame ?

  • Threat

    slow or not its flash and my nexus one still rips it up on the browser dont see the fuss …but someones gotta do it right?

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