iPhone 4G / HD chassis caught on video showing off its aluminum frame

iPad 4G / HD Chassis Caught on Video

Oh boy, here we go again with the iPhone 4G / HD leaks… and I love it! That’s right, more iPhone 4G / HD video goodness is on tap this morning, and today it comes to us from the good folks at iPhonePortugal.com. Word has it that one of their members picked up these parts in China. The parts were purchased legally, and delivered to them via mail (I love how they’ve noted this… no need for another Gizmodophone debacle). What we see in the video is what is purported to be the actual aluminum frame for the next-generation iPhone. Apple is apparently going with a metallic chassis, but stopped short of creating a unibody aluminum frame.

My initial impressions of the videos are that they seem to be spot-on. I mean, we’ve seen a lot of ‘leaks’ over the past 60 days or so, and the chassis they’re showing off here appears to be consistent with what we’ve seen. Of course, the parts DO come from China, home of the ‘knock off,’ so this could very well turn out to be fake. That said, if they do turn out to be fakies, someone went to a whole lot of trouble to make them look like the real deal.

What’s most interesting here is that the iPhone 4G casing seems to be set up to allow for user-swappable covers. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Steve Jobs announces at WWDC 2010 that the iPhone HD will come with a variety of battery cover color options. We’ve already spied an iPhone HD in White, which isn’t that surprising. The possibility of more varied color schemes for the upcoming iPhone is intriguing indeed.

Hit the jump to check out the videos, or sit where you are and wait patiently for the WWDC 2010 keynote. I can’t wait…

[Via: ZDNet]

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    what is the chassis? just another word for frame?

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