All Samsung Galaxy S variants to receive Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ OS update

The announcement that all Samsung Galaxy S smartphone variants will be getting Android 2.2 Froyo OS updates may not be surprising, but confirmations of this sort are always welcomed. During their Galaxy S launch party in NYC today, Samsung confirmed that all of their recently announced Samsung Galaxy S devices will receive the Android 2.2, or Froyo update.

This announcement means that the Vibrant, Epic 4G, Captivate, and Fascinate will all receive Google’s latest Android software version, and that’s certainly gonna put a smile on potential buyers’ faces. But at the same time, are we surprised? All of the devices are pretty high-end when you look at their spec sheets, and they’re all basically the same device, save for the Epic 4G , which sports a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a front-facing camera – something the other variants lack. It makes sense that the highest-end of the Android smartphone spectrum be blessed with Froyo updates in the near future.

Samsung is certainly not stepping down in the smartphone arena, it looks like they are just beginning when you look at the Galaxy S devices. Sporting the 1Ghz Hummingbird CPU and that class-leading Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, the Galaxy S devices promise some of the best graphics that you can find in a smartphone today.When you add in the 6 axis tilt control (gyroscope), the Galaxy S takes gaming to a whole new level. Now, let’s just hope we get some more compelling games on the Android Market.

One of Froyo’s many stand-out features is its compatibility with Adobe Flash 10.1, and Samsung felt the need to tell everyone that through Twitter. The Nexus One is also in the midst of receiving the official Android 2.2 software update, and will be the first to support Flash 10.1 Player. Still, if Samsung has more devices on their way, and can manage to promote them as we are seeing with the Galaxy S lineup right now, I’d say they deserve at least 10% of the smartphone market.

Go Samsung! (Never thought I’d say that one)

Although most are painfully similar, which Galaxy S phone is the one for you?

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  • w7info

    The Captivate has a gyroscope which is awesome: — and I like the new Media Hub idea… you'll be able to buy all the movies/tv content you want on all the Galaxy S devices. Overall, the Galaxy S is going to be a great Android addition because: Android 2.2 update guaranteed PLUS a phone for each carrier. Development should be really good on these devices. Lots of custom ROMs.

  • andrew


  • Jonathan S.

    The samsung vibrant is for me. Curently on contract with T-mobile until July 2011. It's a great phone just wish it had an LED flash to go along with that camera. I don't understand why they did not add it.

    • TuneUp

      You can use this app called NoLED for notifications.

  • mrbill

    Right. I don't believe this for a second. They also said that the Behold 2 would be upgraded to 2.1 and we all know how that worked out.

    • blakestimac

      The Behold 2 was a piece of shit. The Galaxy S line has a solid spec sheet, it should have no problem getting the Froyo update.

      • patel

        Behold 2 had better specs that MyTouch3G and we know MyTouch 3G is going to get froyo..

        • bhill

          Hey newbs, the mytouch is only getting the 2.1. Do so research before you go to talking. The galaxy s series has more powers and memory than any android out right now. I’ve never been a fan of Samsung, but i bought the galaxy s for my wife yesterday and it is a badass phone. I currently carry a N1 and it is faster than mine. These companies do have the right to change there minds u dipshits. Buy one or don’t, but don’t talk shit on something completely different that what you had problems with. Also that behold wasn’t supposed to get any higher then 1.6 or 2.0 to begin with. It was not built to be a superior phone, but was built to be a low end phone for people that needed something with less flash appeal. Next time research ur phones before u buy them.

          • Cyryl

            “The galaxy s series has more powers and memory than any android out right now. ”

            Powers like…X-ray vision? Telepathy? Telekinesis? Superhuman strength?

            Is the memory so that they remember to use their powers?



    DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG PHONE THEY LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • virgil0201

    Has Samsung given any release date for the 2.2 update? With all the little perks promised by the Vibrant, flash 10.1 would make this smart phone Nirvana. Of course, if Samsung screws us AGAIN, like they did with the Behold, no one will ever trust buying a phone from them again.

  • john


  • Mr. Walty

    I have purchased the Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) through T-Mobile. I think it is a really good phone. My only concern is along with the update to 2.2 this will fix the obvious safety factor of 'Hands Free' Bluetooth dialing. This is a deal braker for others, and even me. I don't understand how Google from all the way back when the first Android phone came out – they didn't include Bluetooth hands free dialing. In some states it is against the LAW to fumbling with your phone while driving. I have heard that the update to 2.2 will FINALLY fix this issue. I'm putting alot of trust in Samsung and T-Mobile to get this update out shortly. I'm thinkiing about taking the phone back, and getting a Windows mobile device. I found out that the new Windows mobile phones have their version of Navigator (just like the Tom Tome) which like Google is FREE, and the mobile web browser already supports Flash. Then you can't complete with the mobile office suite..

    I dunno anymore.. What does everyone else think?

    • TuneUp

      Windows Mobile phones can never compete with Apple and Google, unless they go the open source way. Sales are going down for them.

  • bob

    I have the samsung captivate and it is cool with or without the update, i am sold, my phone rocks!!!!

  • Murph

    The galaxy S is "super thin and super fast" "thanks myfreelaptop" – But seriously It is an awesome phone 2.2 or not. I upgraded from a G1. This upgrade was like dial up modem, vs highspeed.

    Why would anyone be excited for ATT + Android? The ATT phone service is terrible, and everything about ATT is EXPENSIVE, only reason to ATT is for an iphone. Outside of this lower your bills and get adroid from any other carrier.

  • Does not matter

    Well I never post on these silly forms sole on the fact everyone bickers and argues this is the best that’s the best yada yada yada so the only reason I am posting this is to hopefully clear up some misunderstood statements and facts about the Galaxy S Vibrant that seem to be floating around the net.
    First off I am a computer tech who has been in the business for the last 15 plus years and I am a gamer as well so I see both sides of the market Business/gamers as well I work for Bell so I see the phone market up close and personal plus I fix phones and mod them.

  • does not matter

    The Galaxy S has been pointed out to be “slow” at times, this rumor is true. Now here is the reason why. When you have 20+ apps installed and trying to do this that and everything especially for hours on end the phone gets hot and bogged down with all the stuff you are asking it to do. Keep in mind this is a PHONE not a laptop it is only designed to do so much for so long before it starts having problems due to heat and used up resources.
    There is a hardware explanation to it as well. From what I have read and understand Samsung made the mistake of having the phones Ram use the internal SD instead of having it set aside for the phone to use

  • does not matter

    meaning it can and does make the phone get slow after “continues use for long periods of time meaning downloading running this that and so on” there are fixes out there but that requires hacking the phone but enough about that now you understand. There are also rumors that a firmware update is in the works to fix this as well.
    Moving on. Some clam the Galaxy S Vibrant to have poor battery life. Well when you have Bluetooth on and Wi-Fi and doing this that installing this and that, moving this and that running this and that of course your battery is

  • does not matter

    going to get low. You can run that phone none stop for at least 5 hours and still have 10% battery left that’s with everything on and running. The phone is claimed to have near 20 days standby time I personally believe that and the reason is if you are transferring say something Via Bluetooth and the screen turns off the phone goes into a standby state and if you look your transfer rate is cut almost in half. Anyway when they give battery quotes on time they take the longest possible under the least amount of pressure meaning not using the device at all for 20 days. Either way this phone last a lot longer than a lot of other phone and do consider it has a 4” screen. Now that is impressive.
    So yes the phone has some slight issues, what phone doesn’t but all in all 90% of the time this phone will do what you ask without question or thought thanks to that 1ghz processor. This is not counting involvement from the internet of course that takes time to load some things.

  • Michael John Pratt

    This phone does suck out of the box, but it is also highly supported by the community, and independent developers.

    Everything "does not matter" says is true, but all of these issues have already been resolved by the community, my stats and speed on my phone smoke the nexus 1. Froyo is already on this phone, with some issues, like no headphone jack, but its up and running properly. Just needs some adjustments, which the community will have.

    I will be running froyo before tmo and samsung comes out with it officially. So will many others willing to delve into there phone and take it into their own hands.

  • TuneUp

    I am sure Galaxy S will get at least 2.2 because they released on all 4 carriers. Galaxy S is much bigger than Behold 2.

    • Saul Hudson

      Upgraded to 2.2 yesterday now can’t get a signal from my carrier at home! finds all other networks ok but not Vodaphone (i’m in the UK). Also can’t really see much difference with 2.2. Was it a worthwhile upgrade? Not from my point of view 🙁

    • Saul Hudson

      Upgraded to 2.2 yesterday now can’t get a signal from my carrier at home! finds all other networks ok but not Vodaphone (i’m in the UK). Also can’t really see much difference with 2.2. Was it a worthwhile upgrade? Not from my point of view 🙁

  • Matt_baty

    the galaxy s is a piece of sh*t dont buy it … looses its connection gps dont work samsung wont update

    • 41canine

      Wrong on every level

    • 41canine

      Wrong on every level

    • 41canine

      Wrong on every level

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