More BlackBerry OS 6 Features Rumoured

We’ve been picking apart every scrap of video of BlackBerry OS 6 that has surfaced, but some new features and a list of compatible devices have come down the rumour mill. The compatibility list is mostly the same as what we’ve seen before,  with the exception of the 9300 Kepler launching with OS 6.  From everything we’ve seen of the BlackBerry 9300 so far, it’s been running OS 5.0, so seeing it on an OS 6 launch list is a little confusing. There’s also mention of an 8980 “Atlas”, which must be the model number for this bad boy, since it’s obviously not the 8910. As for the new features…

  • Graphical context menu in tables list and tabs
  • Long context menu scrapped
  • Unified search framework included in 3rd party app data
  • Multiple contact lists
  • Message list enhancements (displaying pushed 3rd party app data)
  • Wi-Fi LBS support
  • Reverse geocoding (geo to zip)
  • Travel time service within Canada and USA
  • Trackpad support for swipe gestures
  • 1D/2D barcode scanning
  • Auto-focus enhancements (Camera lens and Auto-Focus are now separate)

Multiple contact lists will be really nice for folks who are juggling separate personal and work e-mail addresses, and reverse geocoding support is something RIM has been talking about for awhile. We’ve pretty much already gathered that the traditional BlackBerry context menu has been overhauled in favour of something a little more condensed, and travel time seems to tie in nicely with the traffic app making the rounds in the Beta Zone. If barcode scanning is built right into the native camera application, I’ll be really happy. QR codes are already popular in BlackBerry Meessneger, and working their way into App World, but as is, they all involve launching those apps separately, and aren’t tied in with the naturalized action of launching the camera from the right-side convenience key. As for auto-focus enhancements, I would hope that there would be some software and lens improvements to go along with the new 5 megapixel camera standard.

[via BerryReview]

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