Microsoft rolls out Hotmail ActiveSync to the iPhone, iPad, and more

Starting today, Microsoft is rolling out its Hotmail ActiveSync service for a variety of mobile platforms. As its name implies, Hotmail ActiveSync will bring the capabilities of Exchange ActiveSync to Hotmail accounts. Users with a supported phone and mobile client will be able to sync their email, calendar, and contacts to their handset. Updates made from the web interface will be automatically pushed to the handsets; likewise, changes made on the mobile phone will be reflected on the web.

The long list of supported devices encompass a wide variety of platforms including the iOS-powered iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the Nokia’s Eseries, Sseries and Nseries devices, Windows Mobile 6.x handsets, and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices. Noticeably absent from this list is Android which is scheduled to get ActiveSync support in the coming months. Unfortunately, Microsoft had to scratch Android 2.1 devices from its launch list due to known client problems with 2.1. Though Eclair users are out the mix, those rocking Android 2.2 and the Touchdown email client have reported success when trying to use this new service.

Setting up the Hotmail ActiveSync service is similar to setting up a new Exchange account; rather than use your business or personal settings, you supply your email client with the Hotmail sever settings ( and your Hotmail login credentials. Still confused? Microsoft has published detailed instructions for each platform which will step you through the process and get you connected to this new service. Any Hotmail users out there going to give the service a try?

[Via ZDNet and Microsoft]

  • BogartOfElCajon

    I’ll give this one a crack.

  • Wicked Soul

    finally hotmail….its simply awesome … amazin stuff!!!

  • BogartOfElCajon


    Whoa! Works great in my Nexus One 2.2 Froyo using default Email app. Now I don’t have the syncing problem anymore and my emails are pushed right away. Awesome! Gmail still rocks though 🙂

  • How do I activate this on my iPhone 4? I’ve already got my hotmail email account setup on it, do I need to change any of the settings? Thanks.

  • Frank

    The process syncs my email and contacts and calendar. But does not sync the contents of my hotmail folders even though the folders themselves show up on the iPad.

    Go figure.

    • Sue

      I have the same problem on my iPhone even though according to the ActiveSync instructions it should sync the folders too…this was to be the big advantage to me over using POP3. Does anyone know a solution to this?

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