The WildChords iPad app will help you learn guitar

Wildchords iPad app helps you learn guitar

I’m dashing through Finland checking out its mobile tech scene (disclosure: Finnfacts paid for my trip) and I stumbled across a few, cool apps. The WildChords iPad app has the potential to be a big hit because this music game can help you learn how to play guitar by using your Apple tablet.

The WildChords iPad app is a game that operates under the premise that animals are running wild and the only way to stop them is to lure them around you, Pied Piper-style. Each of the animals will respond to a real-life chord – ducks will follow you if you play the D chord, elephants will be attracted to the E chord and so on. The tablet will listen to what you’re playing on your real-life guitar to determine if you’ve hit the correct note.

The game is focused on helping users practice guitar, so don’t expect any Guitar Hero-like ripping of the chords to your favorite song. Instead, the Wildchords iPad app focuses on short levels which can help you get down the basics. The animation and art style look like its geared toward kids but a guitar player of any age can appreciate it.

I believe the WildChords iPad app has the potential to be a big hit when it’s released (look for it in a month or so) and you can easily see this type of game being used for other musical instruments. Other platforms are on the roadmap but we’ll have to see how well this one does when it hits the market. I’m unsure of the pricing but I’d be surprised if it lands for more than $5 or so.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of the idea in the comments. The company is also taking auditions for the best animal sounds, so if you have a great monkey impression, be sure to check out the Ovelin website.

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