Windows Phone Mango heads to manufacturers, coming to you soon

Windows Phone Mango is RTM'd

Good news, everyone! It looks like Windows Phone Mango has hit a major milestone and is heading to manufacturers, so that means it’s one step closer to landing in your hands.

On the Windows Phone blog, Microsoft said the Windows Phone Mango team “officially signed off on the release to manufacturing (RTM) build of ‘Mango'” and now it’s up to the device makers to optimize the software for their hardware. The software giant has said that we can expect Mango in the Fall and this RTM date falls into that time frame.

What’s the big deal? Well, Windows Phone Mango includes a host of improvements that could put the platform on par with its competitors like Android and the iPhone. This includes true, third-party app multitasking, better SkyDrive integration, deep Twitter integration, custom ringtones and more.

It’s not just the cool software, as Windows Phone Mango will usher in a new era of cool smartphones. Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others all have devices planned for Microsoft’s next version of its mobile platform and you can check out a list of nine devices to look forward to.

[Via Windows Team blog]

  • Mm77can

    wicked can’t wait!

  • ILWP

    JUst waiting to hold it in hand

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long. 

  • i like the nokia wp7, its called sea *something.

  • Congradualtions Microsoft you now have a great smart phone that has enough really good features that make it a great purchase for anyone. Now you and your OEM partners have to
    Advertise and Market Windows phone 7 smart phones right. please have your Commercials tell people what it can do for them if they buy it. Cute commercials that donot give product information are a bad Idea donot produce them.

    • Anonymous

      Good point. The original wave of commercials were clever to a point but had a weird message: people are so into their phones that they walk into walls and stuff. Well, the reason they’re so into it is because there’s compelling stuff on it and I guess Windows Phone 7 devices aren’t as compelling. 
      The latest versions where you’re missing out on real-life events are much better. 

  • roughneck69

    Can’t wait to get one.

  • Anonymous

    who else read the first line in Prof. Farnsworth’s voice?

    • Anonymous

      Wonderful. Was hoping that got through. 

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