Apple’s goes live is live with web apps

Apple has just flipped the switch on and the company’s web apps are now live to join the mobile versions which will be going live with iOS 5 later this Fall.

For those of you who have used MobileMe, the new iCloud web apps shouldn’t be much of a surprise, even if these are a bit prettier than your average web apps. Once you log in with your Apple ID, you get access to the web versions of the Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find my iPhone and iWorks.

After digging around with the web versions of iCloud, I found the apps to be pretty but nothing that I haven’t seen before with Google services or other web apps. The integration with iOS 5 on my iPhone should be the real selling point of iCloud but that’s also something I’ve grown accustomed to when I had an Android device. Apple says it can do that type of cloud syncing in a more elegant and user-friendly way, so I’ll definitely be holding its feet to the fire.

Go ahead and head over to to check it out and the full version with iOS 5 should be live within a few weeks.

  • Looks like only developers can use it for now.

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