UK: Asus Padfone available for pre-order for whopping 700 GBP

Asus Padfone available for pre-order for whopping 700 GBP

If you’re like me, you probably think the Asus Padfone is one of the best devices ever made. Not all of us need a tablet all the time (quite the contrary), and Asus’ baby offers a great way to have both a smartphone and tablet in a single device.

The problem, however, is that at least initially the Padfone will be an expensive toy. We’ve just learned just how expensive it is, with British electronics retailer FlagshipFones asking 583.32 GBP for the unlocked device (or 696.83 EUR / $914.35). Add VAT (tax) to the equation and the price goes up to whopping 699.98 GBP. That’s outrageous, though we’re sure the price will go down and this is just another way to get more money from eager early adopters turned suckers.

Now the idea should be that one device which combines functionalities of both smartphone and tablet should cost less than those two devices bought separately. This time, however, that’s not the case. That 700 GBP can easily get you a decent tablet and a dual-core smartphone. The price will undoubtedly go down, but if you still want to be among the first ones to get the Padfone, proceed to this page at FlagshipFones and take it from there. I suggest waiting, but then again – it’s your money. 😉

[Via: somobile]

  • Ian Davis

    I’ll wait until I can actually handle one before I part with my cash but I’d pay that much. Compare it to buying an iPhone 4S AND a 64Gb iPad and it looks cheap, and that’s before you factor in paying for 2 seperate data plans!


  • Tehrules

    Shows how uneducated that comment was. The padfone will NOT require two data plans as they are one device, and the pricing on Flagshipfones has been there for months and this is not a confirmed price at all.

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