Dolphin unveils open API and Dolphin Garage; Turns its browser into a platform

Dolphin unveils open API and Dolphin Garage

Dolphin Browser is going beyond its “business as usual,” introducing an open API to allow developers to run apps within the popular web browser for (available for iOS and Android devices). And right from the bat, they have first apps / add-ons to showcase, including Dropbox, Evernote, Pocket and Wikipedia, all of which users can use/access without leaving “the Dolphin.”

These and other apps and add-ons will be showcased at the new website called Dolphin Garage that will also serve as a hub for developers. In terms of the standard used for making these apps, Dolphin Garage supports web apps based on Adobe’s PhoneGap, enabling faster HTML5 web app deployment.

As far as I’ve understood, all of the existing add-ons will continue to work so you’re good to go without changing a single setting on your phone.

Speaking of existing add-ons, at the moment there are more than 50 add-ons that have been installed over 14 million times. And with the new Dolphin Garage, the hope is that even more companies will use Dolphin as a platform, eventually offering even more in-browser apps. Sounds like a plan if you ask me. 😉

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