Sony Xperia SL smartphone in works?

Sony Xperia SL smartphone in works?

Looks like Sony is working on the successor to its Xperia S smartphone. The information comes from Indonesian website Postel, which caught the Sony device marked as LT26ii in the wild — the Xperia S is marked as LT26i.

Details are scarce at the moment (to say the least), leaving us plenty of room to speculate what could be the Japanese company’s next Android superphone. If I had to guess, such a device would rock a quad-core processor and a bigger screen, similar to the one Xperia ion boasts. Moreover, I would go for 2GB of RAM which will become a de facto standard at the time the Xperia SL launches, presuming that will happen by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.

The way I see it, Sony desperately needs a new flagship smartphone, one that could stand head-to-head with the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III. Moreover, they also need to shorten the time between announcing and launching of their devices. Even though they managed to get some traction and media love when Xperia ion was announced at the CES, by the time it was released everyone was talking about other devices (the two I mentioned above). We’ll see whether they can make it a success this time round…

[Via: XperiaBlog]

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