Hipstamatic Releases Oggl, New Photo Sharing App

The creaters behind the well-known photo sharing app, Hipstamatic has announced the release of a new app called Oggl. Oggl is basically the same app as Hipstamatic, but with a bevy of new photo editing options. Oggl is free to use, with the free version coming pre-loaded with five “favorites” for shooting, including nightlife, food, portraits landscapes and sunsets. Users who would like to access more lens and film options will have to pay however, with a subscription service that costs $.99 a month or $9.99 a year. Oggl will be launching on the iPhone later this week, and is being rolled out by invitation only. Oggl will also allow users the ability to snap photos and edit them later, which is a feature lacking on the Hipstamatic app. Oggl will also encourage users to share their best pictures by showcasing a curated selection of photos.

If you’re an avid Hipstamatic user then Oggl might just be the app for you. Head over to the Oggl website and request an invitation.

[Via: AllThingsD]

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