Watch The Gold iPhone 5S Get Blasted Into A Million Little Pieces by a Sniper Rifle

What’s better than finally getting your hands on the gold iPhone 5S? Watching it get destroyed via .50 caliber in slo-mo, that’s what! The bros over at RatedRR, known for their blending of high-powered firearms and bleeding edge technology. Their newest entry shows the highly sought after “champagne” colored iPhone 5S going through a few drop tests before being torn asunder by some serious firepower.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the video below. I recommend putting the video’s audio to low and cueing up Disturbed’s “Let the bodies hit the floor” before commencing.

[Via: Cellular News]

  • nerd

    the only thing worth doing with an iphone.

  • Ozz Veliz

    Lol, so not bullet proof? By the way, it’s DROWNING POOLS song not Disturbed. 😀

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