Apple launches iPad version of its Store app

It’s been over a three-year wait but now it has finally arrived. Apple today has released a dedicated Apple Store app for the iPad. The new iPad version of the store is said to be U.S.-only with a hint of iOS 7 design aesthetic. In addition the new app makes use of high-quality images and context-aware panels to offer an above average user experience.

“Where things start to get interesting is the way that the app handles context on the individual item purchase page. When you’re presented with an item selection screen on the iPad, for instance, you’ve got color, storage and connectivity sections, as well as specs, box contents and warranty info. If you tap on a color, you see the color options in the right-hand pane (or top pane in vertical mode). Tapping on storage gives you a contextually aware pane on the right that explains the size choice and why you might pick one over another. The same goes for WiFi or cellular options,” says TechCrunch.

These gesture-based interactions bring on a magazine-style layout, or slide show presentation with all the swiping functions. Other noteworthy changes include pinch gestures, allowing users to move between large and small grids of products. Moreover, users will also see a “Now Trending” section that uses algorithms to automatically highlight products seeing strong popularity in the store at any given time.

The iPad version of the Apple Store app doesn’t offer the same kind of conveniences seen on the iPhone, with EasyPay and location-aware Genius Bar check-ins, but it adds its own unique feel.

Grab the new Apple Store for iPad app here for free here.

[TechCrunch; via MacRumors]

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