Google I/O 2014: Google Unveils Cross Platform ‘Material Design’ Language

Google’s L-release of Android is bringing a whole new look to Android devices. As part of an Android design overhaul, Google has unveiled a new universal design language dubbed ‘Material Design.’ Similar to Google’s aesthetic guidelines which the company currently employs, Material Design lays out a template for the creation of visual effects which will span across mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches, desktop applications and the recently announced Android TV.

Material Design adds an element of depth to Android all while keeping things looking smooth. The system font Roboto has been redefined, with super quick and colorful animations. Material Design is all about bold icons, a united field of motion and basic effects of light, surface and movement. Basically, Google wants all apps to look as if they are functioning in the same visual environment, much like Apple’s iOS 8.

For a look at Material Design in action, check out the video below.

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