Surprised? Amazon’s Gimmicky Fire Phone is a Flop so Far

Surprised? Amazon’s 3D-ish smartphone, the Amazon Fire Phone isn’t doing so hot in the sales department.

While we don’t have cold hard numbers to go on here, we can see that the Fire Phone is number 68 on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Electronics list, and that’s just the 32GB version. The 64GB doesn’t even make it on the list. Yikes.

The Fire Phone is loaded with cameras and gimmicky 3D effects and not much else it seems. Like Amazon’s Kindle tablets, the Fire Phone can’t run essential Google apps like Gmail and Drive, and only lets users download apps from the Amazon Appstore. Current Amazon customers won’t have a problem with this, as money sunk into Kindle tablets can be used on the Fire Phone. But trying to woo Android and iPhone users to join Bezos’ dark side? Not gonna work. Besides, the device is trapped on AT&T, which doesn’t give consumers much choice if they don’t like AT&T’s pricing.

So, does the Fire Phone stand a chance? The jury is still out on that one. But from the looks of things, Amazon’s foray into the smartphone market could be as short as Facebook’s.


  • its going to go down with the Two Facebook phones before on it that were ATT exclusives. Sorry Amazon try again….

  • warcaster

    They could’ve sold it for $250, or even $299, unlocked, without the gimmicky cameras, free integrated Prime membership, and the big chunk of dole they’re giving AT&T, and it might’ve been a bit of a success.

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