Jimmy Kimmel Punks Public, Passes Off $20 Casio as the Apple iWatch

Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to duping the unsuspecting public. He punked the world at Sochi, and even passed off the iPad mini as the new iPhone. Kimmel’s back with another prank involving an Apple product. No, not the iPhone 6 but the oft rumored Apple smartwatch or iWatch if you will. Kimmel’s team took a $20 Casio wristwatch with an Apple logo sticker slapped on it down to Hollywood Boulevard and showed off the faux Apple iWatch to the unsuspecting public.

Unsurprisingly, people eat it up. With a ton of features like a backlight, stopwatch, always-on time display and water resistance who wouldn’t be into the iWatch? And the battery life is incredible! Talk about innovation!

It’s well worth a watch (zing!), check it out below.


  • jacob ramirez

    Wow apple fans are so gullible when it comes to the apple logo lol you can put it on anything and they will believe it.

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