Motorola’s Moto X is on Sale for the Millionth Time This Year

For what seems like the millionth time this year, Motorola’s Moto X is on sale once again. Apparently, all of Motorola’s flash sales and discounts still haven’t helped move the crapload of Moto X’s they must be sitting on. Now’s your chance (again!) to grab an unlocked, customizable Moto X on the cheap. Or not.

Here’s Motorola’s CRAZY LOW pricing for the unlocked Moto X:

  • 16GB – $299
  • 32GB or Developer Edition – $324.99
  • 64GB $374.99

Not too shabby, but not too CRAZY either. The Moto X was a mid-range device right from the get-go, and a year or so of age hasn’t helped things out either. The Moto X is still a decent device, and for $299 off-contract it’s still a pretty good deal. Make sure to check eBay first though, the Nexus 5 has been seen on sale for around the same price as of late. Or just head over to Swappa and grab yourself a used G2 or GS4 for under $300.

Motorola should be releasing the successor to the Moto X, the Moto X+1 anytime now. My advice? Wait a few more months, and Motorola will practically be handing out Moto X’s. Hit the source link below to grab a Moto X if your heart so desires.



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