Proprietary HTC Apps Coming to All Android Devices, Zoe Leads the Way

If you’re a fan of HTC’s  proprietary apps, you’re in luck. The company has announced today that it will be releasing a version of Zoe in the Google Play Store, allowing for all you Zoe fans without a HTC device to snap video snippets as they please. HTC’s not stopping there; expect to see other HTC apps such as BlinkFeed landing in the Google Play Store in the future as well.

Zoe is a short video capturing app which has been part of HTC’s software since the HTC One M7 was released back in 2013. The app lets users short vignettes complete with still pictures, sound and short video clips.

Any HTC fans excited about this news, or will you skip Zoe and use Instagram and Vine instead? Let us know.



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