Where’s the iPad Air 2? And new iPad mini?

Apple iPad

Apple is done announcing new products for this year, and while they unveiled a number of new things (and entered 4 new markets), we can’t but wonder – where are the new iPads?

It has been suggested multiple times that iPad Air 2 will be announced alongside the new iPhone 6. As we know, that hasn’t happened and we’ll likely have to wait for the next time Cook & Co. decide to gather representatives of the media to share the good news.

The next iPad and iPad Mini will likely integrated the Touch ID sensor, allowing its future owners to access secure environments with nothing but their finger. We would expect that with the new mobile payments service, Apple would be eager to launch as many new products as possible that support the service with biometric security…

So we’re left wondering when the iPad Air 2 will launch. Chances are that will happen either close to the end of Q1 2015 or at the beginning of Q2. Though you never know. Perhaps Cupertino boys (and girls) stage a surprise event and launch the new, Touch ID-enabled iPads just in time for CES in Las Vegas. That could be a neat way to steal the show, right? 😉

  • “Apple is done announcing new products for this year” — Dusan, come on, you know better than that.

  • The Calm Critic

    The manner of how Apple price out 6 Plus, I’m thinking that they’re going the extra cautious route for the new iPads because in the case of Mini it’s for damn sure that its cake are gonna get bitten not by competing tablets but the 6 Plus itself.

  • Alex Kunze

    Didn’t last years iPad announcement come in October?


    For me i think when Apple release iPhone 6 and 6+ wisely won’t release iPad Air 2 and mini else it will be a gain loss for its such devices so escaping them over time is neat.

  • This years iPads will be a flop if all they are adding is an A8 and Touch ID. They better either announce a larger screen model or a model with more RAM so at least musicians will want to upgrade.

    • Carlos

      IPads always sell. Not sure what you mean by a flop. Its all relative.

      I’m getting one. It will be my first iPad.

  • Carlos

    Dumb article. The iPad Air 2 will come out in October just like the other iPads. Apple always has an October event for iPads and Macs.

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