webOS smart watch in works?

webOS smart watch in works?

Yup, LG may be working on a webOS-based smart watch. The Korean company said it will use the platform it acquired from HP on its smart TVs, but it looks like they are preparing to bring it to wearables, as well.

Details are scarce at the moment and all we have is a teaser at LG’s developer website suggesting that a webOS SDK for smart watches is in works. That, as you would imagine, is more than enough to spur the rumor mill throughout the web.

Right now, the wearables market is still in the nascent phase, leaving room for a number of companies and platforms. A majority of these devices sold today are basic activity trackers; however, going forward smart watches are expected to emerge as dominant wearable devices.

Android Wear on its end could use some polishing, leaving room for “traditional Google partners” to experiment with other solutions. Samsung is pushing its Tizen platform in many of its smart watches, whereas LG was a loyal to Google. That could change though, with LG turning to its own platform in the future.

Those who had a chance to try out the very few webOS-based phones will tell you this is the platform worth playing with. Unfortunately, HP didn’t know what to do with it, and was unprepared to support it properly. LG, on the other hand, is already a big player in the mobile market and it may stand a chance pushing webOS forward.

No dates were given, but if the SDK is out by the end of this year, we expect the first smart watch to hit the market at some in 2015. Perhaps we see it at CES in Vegas or MWC in Barcelona. Can’t wait. 😉

[Via: TheVerge]

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