Gold BlackBerry Passport coming soon?

Gold BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry is working on a gold version of its flagship device, BlackBerry Passport. It’s unknown when exactly the gold model will join its piano black and porcelain white brothers, but chances are we won’t wait forever to find that out. However, we do doubt this model will be available all around the world; rather, it’s likely heading to the Middle East where select oil barons will use it to improve their on-the-go productivity, all while adding to their “look how rich I am” image.

From what we’re getting, aside from the different materials used, this will be the same BlackBerry Passport under the hood, all with its fancy gesture-enabled QWERTY keyboard. We’re betting it will cost few thousand dollars, so we don’t expect to see it being used by regular folks like you and me. C’est la vie.

[Via: CrackBerry]

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