Pant pockets too small to carry the iPhone 6 Plus? These two carriers will enlarge them for you

iPhone 6 Plus pockets

In a remarkable PR stunt, we have two mobile operators offering complementary pant pocket enlargement service to the future iPhone 6 Plus owners.

One of them is China Unicom which managed to make its campaign go viral, with Weibo users sharing the image of a tailor at the carrier’s Shanghai store, adjusting pant pockets to accommodate Apple’s phablet.

Another example comes from Europe, where KPN pulled out the same stunt at one of its stores in Amsterdam. In fact, it is said that Europeans started this campaign, with China Unicom joining on few days afterwards.

We can’t help but love the idea; we also can’t but wonder why Samsung’s Galaxy Note series haven’t prompted carriers to do the same years ago. Guess that’s the power of the Apple brand…

Related to this, it would be interesting to see how and whether the iPhone 6 Plus manages to affect tailors around the world. Perhaps bigger pockets come to more pants? What do you think?

[Via: TechInAsia]

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