Infographic: The Anatomy of an Android OS Update

Ever wonder why Android OS updates sometimes take so long to land on your device? A nifty infographic from HTC shows us just how involved the whole process is. While we sit and wait, sometimes patiently sometime not for our updates to roll out OTA, there is a ton of work going on behind the scenes.

Since the announcement of Android 5.0 Lollipop last October, only a handful of devices have actually gotten the brand spanking new version of Android. Many Android device owners are about to get their tasty Lollipop soon, with a handful of Google Play Edition and Nexus devices already touting the tasty treat. There’s no doubt that carriers are working on optimizing Lollipop for flagship devices as we speak, and some could roll out by the end of this year. Realistically though, it will probably be January or February of 2015 before we see Lollipop begin its rollout to carrier branded devices.

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While you’re waiting for your Lollipop update, check out the infographic below, straight from HTC.

via: HTC

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