iPhone: How to Play YouTube in Background


The spat between Google and Apple brought in some inconveniences to the iPhone users. After iOS 7, it was no longer possible to play YouTube (music) videos in the background, as Apple has removed the native YouTube app. Google’s version of the app didn’t support the capability, prompting users to look for alternative solutions how to play music from YouTube in the background.

The solution is surprisingly simple and it doesn’t involve YouTube app at all. Instead, you should access the popular video sharing service from Safari. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Once in Safari, go to YouTube.com and find the video you want to play. Tap the play button.
  2. Press the Home button; the video will stop playing.
  3. Swipe up from the bottom to display Control Center. Tap the play button to continue playing the audio.

You can now do other things on your iPhone while enjoying music in the background. Heck, you can even listen to YouTube with the screen off.

However, if you need a web browser, you won’t be able to use Safari as opening the new tab will stop the music playback. Instead, you should open some other browser like Google Chrome, Opera Mini or Dolphin, all of which will work just as well as Safari, if not better. 😉

[Image from zastavki.com]

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