OMG! Drake is Sporting a BlackBerry Classic Because Canada

Well isn’t that something…Hip Hop star Drake rocks a BlackBerry Classic. Drizzy took to Instagram to announce his BlackBerry love, posting a picture of his tricked out BlackBerry Classic. Surprised? I mean come on, Drake is Canadian after all.

BlackBerry as a company has fallen on hard times these last few years, with CEO John Chen managing to pull the company out of a free-fall that reached its apex late last year. The Z series of BlackBerry devices (you know, the all-touchscreen devices) didn’t do so well, and were just about as effective as Alicia Keyes was at her creative director position.

At any rate, BlackBerry is back, sort of. Because they started from the bottom, and now they’re, um, kind of here?

Thank you Blackberry!!! Still PING squad for life. @ovo40 @getfadedinc @ovomark @morgan_mr

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