Here Are 127 Must Have Android Apps According to Google

Apps, apps apps. You hear the word everyday, and it seems like there’s an app for everything. The sheer amount of Android apps out there can be confusing, especially to Android newcomers. Those of us who have been rocking Android devices for years now know which apps are our favorites, which apps to install on our tablets and which apps to rock on our smartphones. If you’re new to Android though, sifting through the cacophony of apps can be a huge challenge, and a bit overwhelming. That all ends today, as Google has gathered a list of must-have Android apps that is applicable to every Android user out there. Whether you’re an Android power user or a total noob, Google’s list provides you with 127 apps that you’ve just got to check out.

Are you ready to get started? Hit up the source link below and get ready to have tons of fun with your Android device!



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