Corning Gorilla Glass Put to the Test By Mythbusters

Corning readies 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass

It adorns a bevy of smartphones and tablets around the world. No, not plastic, but Corning’s Gorilla Glass. You’ve probably heard the name by now, and you might know that the super durable substance protects out electronic devices form the most epic dings and scratches. But how does the stuff really work, and just how strong is it? That’s a great question, and one that the Mythbusters are here to take on.

So go ahead and hit play on the videos below and get ready for an interesting look at Gorilla Glass, Mythbusters style. Keep in mind that these videos are sponsored by Corning, so the Mythbusters may end up embellishing a little bit. Even though it’s not quite an unbiased look at Gorilla Glass, it’s interesting and informative anyway. Enjoy!

  • Lowey5

    Fantastic clips, very interesting. Glass is taken for granted and its not until you see something like this that you understand how it works and how complex it can be.

  • superg05

    willow glass i like

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