Picture: Mini vs Micro USB

I’m too sexy for my ports

Too sexy for my ports

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Be on the look out, the new interface you see on the right is what will begin appearing on almost all the mobile phones to be released on the market. Mike confirmed that you can use this port for charging!

One my 20 Nokia New Year’s Resolutions: USB Charging

  • Bazza

    Oh great, just when they started putting in mini usb on the phones, now we have micro usb. as long a the adapters are cheap.

  • asdf

    oh god my balls ache

  • Mar

    will it work with a kyocera marbl?

  • John

    You’ve always been able to charge your phone even with microUSB. Blackberries have had it since the Blueberry was first released.

  • Rob

    First of all Blackberries have been around almost as long as USB 1.0 and not all of them used USB charging. Second for SOME time the blackberries have been charged with MINI USB. This is a comparison of the new MICRO USB which will be on the Bberry Kickstart now oficially names the Pearl Flip

  • Chris Keeble

    The new BlackBerry Storm also uses a micro USB port for both charging and connecting to a computer via a USB cable.

    An excellent design, just a little disappointed that none of the old mini USB chargers and cables I have (laptop case, office, home, etc) will work, which I’d bought for my old BlackBerry Pearl for convenience wherever I happen to be.

  • Asia C

    the micro usb’s are so ugly. i have 1 on my nokia 5310 express music phone and its so ugly and tiny i like the usb port that htc gives their phone. thats 1 of the reasons why im bout to get a g1 or a htc touch pro. an

  • Devin B

    I just bought the bberry pearl flip and it also uses this micro crap… I have at least a dozen different USB cables at both work and home, and now none of them are good anymore for this phone… Blahhh.. However, the phone is excellent so i think i can get over it… Just a bit of an inconvenience..

  • Mike

    I joyously tossed my old Nokia PopPort cables in the trash. Good riddance! As I unsuccessfully attempted to plug one of my many mini-USB cables into my newly acquired Nokia N81 8gb, I was overcome with a feeling of deja-vu………….

  • micro-me

    I can see the reasoning for micro usb and i’m all for it, if it means mobiles and gadgets can get even smaller. There was a time when phones were small. Admittedly they had less functions. If using micro-usb can mean smaller phones i’m looking to see more. A lot of the manufacturers are using usb micro now so i think within a little time we will see the majority of phones, mp3 players and cameras supporting it.

  • H BOMB

    You guys are all retarded… They make mini usb to micro usb adapters for around $5 each…. The comment about micro usb is to make phones smaller just made this whole world dumber than it already is…

  • Andrew

    Everyone, Micro USB cables are readily available and just as cheap as mini USB cables. Just do a quick google search for micro usb phone cables and you will find them without a problem. My company sells them for under 5 dollars but I doubt I can post a link here.

  • Xepol

    Looks like the micro usb is designed to break the connector more than anything else. No visible advatange over the mini usb, which clearly looks more durable, both on the connector cable and in the device side connector which looks like it must just be a fragile ultra thin pcb board edge connector that you can snap easier than a toothpick.

    • george

      you don't wanna know how right you are, bought 8 yes eight usb chargers for my moment, they stop working within the month(actually the charger itself works but the micro connection sucks) i love this phone but … did i mention that in 5 months the micro usb plug got busted no charger would charge it thank god they replaced the phone for free, but the new phone only 3 to 4 month old already does not work with 2 out of 5 chargers!!! deja vu micro usb is the suckiest thing i've seen in a while

  • lawrence

    this is just ridiculous.

    mini usb is only just becoming commonplace now, and they have to go change it AGAIN?????? WTF you stupid idiots!

  • stevenp

    Xepol, you have it backwards. The micro-usb is sturdier than the mini. The thinness and design make it more rigid and reliable when inserting and unplugging. I’ve had a couple of mini-usb connectors crap out on phones that were not abused. I’m glad my new BB 8900 has the micro connector.

  • Kang zhenhua

    it said in China, the micro usb used in mobile phone as data cable, charger cable, and stereo audio cable. But i am not sure of the last function, how about the micro usb defination when used in mobile…mail: denokang@gmail.com, MSN: alankkang@hotmail.com. by the way, I am in a cable manufacture in Shenzhen city, China.

  • Dikk

    Well, micro USB is the best definitely

  • Planned Obsolescence

    It’s all part of industry’s continuous revenue generating scheme of planned obsolence for any charger/connector. Development of the next generation is already underway and is known as NANO-USB.

  • Josh H

    Looking for a Micro USB(5Pin) male to Mini USB(5Pin) male cable around 2′ long….if anyone has one please contact me, joshjhilgart@gmail.com

  • JJ

    Great now I have being forced…uh…. been given the glorious and holy honor of carrying two types of cables. You remember the good old days kiddies? You know the ones. Where a person could carry one usb to mini usb cable…..ahhhhh it seems like only yester…..today.

  • Concerned Citizen

    This new connector is ASS! I don't know where they get off, but it's not at the not making retarded new phone cables expressway station. I'll take my mini-usb and jam it inside a micro-usb and slash at it with a fake cat paw till my rage has subsided about this. My mini-usb will win the micro-usb competition and then the ASS connector will be a BUTT. I touch myself lol.

  • juan

    my micro usb is not charging my mp3 player any more..and it's been a year or less since I bought it,,, and couldn't find it in any store… except through internet….

  • R. J. Meek

    It would helpful if you labled which is Mini and which is Micro for us dummies.

    • sam

      mini on the left and micro on the right

    • Zulu

      Tell us you’re kidding.  

      • Depierce

        don’t be so elite

        • Vjhook

          THANK YOU.

      • Trublue

        Some people came here looking for the answer to that exact question, prick. 

        • Zulu

          Okay, to see what I mean, concisely describe the difference yourself without sounding either patronizing or like an engineer. 
           Really, no offense intended, it just came out that way — as in, a poor joke.  The question could be construed as the prompt for a fall guy.  Before you insult me, intentionally, take a good look at your own response.  Try not to be so incendiary.  It’s the characteristic of a troll.  

          And, my apologies to R.J. Meek.  You’re right, it would help.  

    • Zulu

      1.  I apologize again to R.L Meeks; I’m truly sorry.  Your point has merit.  I didn’t think before posting a reply.
      2.  I apologize for implying that forum participants agreed with my post.
      3.  If I could take it all back, I would.
      4.  And above all, I apologize for steering this thread off-topic.

      • Zulu

        I meant R. J. Meek, not R. L. Meeks.  

        “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb…” — Batman, 1966

      • Zulu

        I meant R. J. Meek, not R. L. Meeks.  

        “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb…” — Batman, 1966

  • Shifty-and-shady

    I thought it was quite obvious which was which. The picture is titled Mini Vs Micro, and lo and behold below is a photo of exactly that…

  • Twine2002700

    what’s the difference? they’re almost the same size, why make another

  • Jose A Ortiz

    The one to the left is mini usb,the one in the right micro usb

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