Palm Phone Jammer fits in your hand, annoys everyone around you

Palm Phone Jamer blocks GSM cell phone signals

Imagine the power you’d have. You could be walking around with a Palm Phone Jammer in your, well, palm – all the while knowing you can wreak havoc on wireless callers around you on a whim. The Palm Phone Jammer does just what the name implies – it’s a $166 GSM signal (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) disrupter that fits in the palm of your hand. Any wireless callers within a 30 foot radius will be left wondering why their mobile phones are suddenly useless.

Great, adding to the grief that obnoxious public-phone-talkers cause us, now we’ll have to deal with the annoying wireless signal jammer too. Thanks a lot, Palm Phone Jammer.

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  • dingobully

    Illegal to use in public in the U.S. but you can jam the airwaves as much as you want on your own property. It might work well to stop employees from chatting on their cells instead of working.

  • Brian

    I hope I find someone using one of these around me. They will soon find they have a palm sized hunk of plastic and metal shoved up their ass. :)

  • Tim

    You represent what I hate about cops. I hope you sit on that metal.

  • Fronk

    Cool beans, I always wanted to make sure people like doctors and those who care for the sick or elderly couldn’t get important calls or pages. Now I can make that dream a reality!

  • spaceface

    I love how theres a link to their economic stuff immediately.. I would be much more interested in the technical specifications.. can I build one myself? I take the train daily to class and more often than not there’s some talkative 20 year old who is eventually asked to leave the cabin.. but this phone jammer could be seriously great entertainment for those trips.

    *googles phone jammer frequencies*

  • trinytrog

    Why not build one into all new cars.Shorten the range a bit so it only affects the inside of the car it’s fitted to and Hey Presto. No more annoying tossers chatting instead of driving.

  • pariah

    Exactly Fronk. What a bunch of mindless morons…

  • Alex

    It might be instructive to speculate on the legality and morality of providing an advertisement for an illegal, dangerous, and certainly hideously intrusive device. Nobody in the US has the right to completely obstruct their neighbor’s view of the sky, just as the FCC makes it crystal clear that nobody may be permitted to block free access to licensed frequencies.
    I eagerly await someone using one of these devices near me. It’s ridiculously easy to triangulate a “loud” RF signal and track down the offender.

  • Johana

    This is hilarious. I want one hhaha

  • Aussie Allan

    “Grow up you idiots……..Imagine the power you’d have”……”Annoy everyone around you”
    This technology should be in the hands of the military/law enforcements only.disabling an IED (Improvised explosive devise) is the only life saving operation this device/technology was probably designed for…….. so lets look at some of the consequences of what you think is funny!
    Stopping an emergancy call at a lethal or catastrophic point in time.
    “The bank across the road just got held up 45 minutes ago but I couldn’t get through”!
    “I just saw that missing girl….YE Maddy….OH…about half an hour ago!
    “Sorry I couldn’t get through ealier…… There’s 3 buildings on fire now”
    “Ye…….his pacemaker just stopped working”
    Get them off the market!!!All people should be responsible for there actions,users and distributors ………WAKE UP IT’S CALLED COMMON SENSE.

  • amatoc industries

    I would tend to agree with the comment before me by ‘Aussie Allan’. Using this for pure annoyance purposes is very childish.

  • ShaiZ

    Wont work on non gsm phones, Verizon
    In Canada Telus or Bell.

  • Bob A. Fette


  • Don C.

    Not a bad item to use for school classrooms, movies, funerals, etc. Emergencies suck by definition. Oh well.

  • Havvy

    While I wouldn’t make it illegal to own/use, any damage you cause with it should be yours to pay.

  • Reality

    Are you really that stupid, seems to me that society got along just fine before we all had cell phones. I love the device, and now I will buy two instead of one. Idiots!

  • mark

    these should be installed in the walls of every theater in the world.

  • Jonathan

    it’s so discrete noone would know you had it

  • dan

    I would laugh so hard, if someone had a heart attack, and their partner was trying to call for help on a cell, but couldn’t call anyone because of one of these jammers.

    I would laugh harder, if the partner started to run around trying to get signal but she kept within the 30 foot radius. All the while, you go over to see why a person is on the floor.

    I would laugh even harder, if the people around you said “here use my phone, its always has signal” but low and behold it doesn’t work because you right next to them

  • Aussie Allan

    Hay DAN!………….What if it was Ya MUM and it was me with the Jammer???……………….Still laughing???????????

  • Cav

    Aussie Allan: I would still be laughing, because annoying twats like you is worth A MILLION DEATHS.

    Ever had a girlfriend who has schizophrenic episodes necessitating weeks of therapy when people talk for hours on the phone?

    I have. People who use mobiles to talk for long periods of time deserve all the cancer I can give them.

  • SuperSparky

    The problem with the FCC and this jammer, is it is an impossible restriction to enforce on a mobile person who only needs to kick it on for a short period of time to achieve the desired effect.

    To locate any jamming radio signal requires triangulation AND the ability to receive it. Since this device has such a small effective radius, the FCC would have to have sensing trucks within, at most, a 200 yards distance.

    No, only permanent installations can be enforced, not mobile.

    Want to make an easier jammer? Just create a device that generates an electrical arc. That jams everything. Don’t believe me? Listen to the radio while operating a blender or electric drill. No fancy circuitry needed, just voltage. The easiest circuit involves a battery and a relay.

  • Matto

    Does Palm USA really make this, as the article suggests? I find that unlikely.

  • colinnwn

    What a spineless passive aggressive way to stop someone’s bad behavior. You don’t have to confront someone and ask them to stop or leave. If someone is talking loud and annoying, grow a pair and ask or tell them to stop. Don’t mess with responsible mobile user’s wireless reception just because you are a wussy.

  • Ben

    since insurgents use cell phones to detonate IED’s, could this be used as a way to prevent the detonation of IED’s within a certain radius of troops equip with this?

  • matthew

    This is awesome, where can I buy one of these?

  • UKVampyr

    Don’t you think a conscience enhancer would work much better to stop the annoying gits using the phones for everything. there is no need to ask stupid questions.

  • Dave

    collinnwm; dude, do you really think they’ll stop if you ask?

    seems like fun..not so much to waste money on though..

  • No One

    this is an interesting device. i find it funny how people see this and think “oh these are going to be every where” or state something like “i hope i catch someone using one of these” ya, like your going to be lucky enough to be at the right starbucks on the right street, on the right corner in the right town at the right moment to catch the 1 guy that has one of these that barely does what it says because its not military grade equipment. and as far as “why dont you ask the person being loud on the phone to be quiet” well, i would like to see that happen where the person does politely agree, then couple of seconds later be talking loudly again, or instead they turn around with a disgusted look on their face and tell you to shut the fuck up. its that second person that deserves to be hit on the jammer. oh but what about pace makers. ya, that could be a problem, but most of those people spend most of the day inside their OWN HOME. what if someone is sick and got rushed to the hospital? well those people are in good hands, the jammer will make a bit of a problem, but after a moment the signal will be back, because after all, its not military grade, and this isnt putting out an EMP pulse. the person will eventually get the call, and run out. and fire? please… im sure the fire department is already on its way by the time you start to dial. there are hard lines in other buildings. and if your cell isnt working, your going to be looking for a hardline anyways. this item is made for a few shits and giggles, nothing more. and even a 166 dollar one probably wont work as good as it said it will, let alone the little 30 dollar pos that was posted way up top. no, what i want is kind of science fiction, and EMP pulse gun, so when the damn neighbors turn up their base in their car to where its actually raddling things in my house, i can destroy their couple thousand dollar piece of hardware and get some rest. why do they always have to do it in the dead of night?

  • No One

    but then again, this is America, the country where a pizza can get to your house before emergency team does… so i cant really say that bit about the fire department.

  • I Like Quiet

    Are most people so addicted to ‘instant’ communication that they have a problem with a device like this? I’d like to offer the view that most cell phone users have forgotten (or never did learn) social responsibility – that of not including everyone around them in HALF their conversation. Take it outside – call them later. But no… it’s all about ‘them’ and they don’t give a damn about those around them.

    And for those that think you can walk up to someone and ask them to stop. Stop what? What do you propose you ask them? If they’ve already decided to be this rude, what is a kind request going to do?

  • Shran

    If this doesn’t work… strip an old microwave oven and point its antenna towards the mobile phone, stereo or TV that you don’t like. They’ll never work again !!! Don’t stand in front of it when you do and let someone with knowledge convert your Microwave into a permanent jamming device.

  • Lol Fags

    I love people that get so worked up over this crap. All your “what ifs” make me laugh… /sarcasm yeah what if there is a psycho running around with this phone jammer and then wait for emergency situations to jams peoples phones so they cant get help! OH NO! /sarcasm off. Cell phones have not been around that long, people will still get help, there are land lines, and all the psycho killers have better time on their hand or they can just as well use a gun/knife/other killing device to get the job done faster.

    Pacemakers? Last time I checked this jams phone signals and pacemakers don’t run on phone signals.

    God forbid you can’t use your phone for a short period of time. Grow the fuck up people.

  • john

    yeah ok toughguy,id love to know where you are,we would see who jams what

  • The Baldchemist

    No bloody wonder the World looks at America in such a lousy light. Tasers, mace, guns,violence and now some prat who thinks because he/she thinks that mobile phone users need to be stopped is advocating the use of this piece of shit. Obnoxious? Your line of thinking (not that you think but do as your bible bashers tell you)is what is obnoxious.
    If you don’t like something then get it changed legally. Your always quoting your amendments written 250 years ago by a bunch of gun toting god fearing wankers. Violence and prevention of liberty solve nothing.

  • Lessa

    When mobile use becomes unbearable is when you are forced to listen to long periods of inane or smutty talk on a crowded train. You can’t get another seat, the people refuse a polite request to stop, and there you are, stuck. Why would I want to know how ‘wasted’ someone was last night? Or how many times they threw up? Or what colour nail varnish would go best with their new clubbing outfit? Or one of those ‘so I goes …. so he goes …. so I’m like ….’ conversations.

    There are mobile free carriages on trains, but people take no notice of them. I can put up with a short, to the point call, but after 30 min or so of mindless drivel, it gets really annoying. I shouldn’t have to put up with it. There is a time and a place for everything, and a train carriage is not one of them.

  • Wade Grizzban

    Yeah this is like a robbers best friend this should absolutely NOT be sold to the public. Are the marketers for this thing retarded? "buy your new cell phone jammer, useful in robberies, raping women, hijacking a plane…" c'mon people use your brains.

  • A1041495

    This should be in every vehicle in the US. Mandatory.

  • Guestyguest

    United States: Cell phone blocking devices are used by federal officials under certain circumstances. Privacy rights of property owners may affect the policy and application of law within buildings. The FCC may issue a permit that waives the law for private use. For radio communications, it is illegal to operate, manufacture, import, or offer for sale, including advertising (Communications Act of 1934).[9] Blocking radio communications in public can carry fines of up to $11,000 or imprisonment of up to one year.In case anyone was wondering

  • hr2dygon2mrow

    just read it. nice.

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