The power of speculation – Google stock breaks $700 on Google Phone rumors

Google stock soars on news of mobile phone plansGoogle is not only a huge player in the online search game, they’re a veritable bull on Wall Street. Trading as GOOG, the online search giant has seen incredible gains on the stock market in recent months. We hope you got in early, Google just broke the $700 mark after news broke of Google’s impending entry into the mobile space.

Apple’s stock more than doubled in the few hours after they officially entered the wireless game with the iPhone, so it makes sense that investors are squirming in their seats for Google to take the same plunge. Rumors indicating that Google would make their plans for the wireless industry known in two weeks time were enough to boost their shares to over $700.

Way to go Google. But big ups to all of you that got in early – remember when GOOG was trading for $250? Yea, those were the good old days.

[Via: Yahoo]

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