Vodafone goes crazy; Wants to stop iPhone sales in Germany?

Vodafone iPhoneYou may like or not, but Apple’s iPhone is THE more disruptive device like ever. Now, we have Vodafone — the same company that fights iPhone defection by taking customer service offline — obtaining a Court order that required rival T-Mobile Germany to sell iPhone without a service plan. And while we do agree that’s a good news for German consumers who like the Apple’s handset, somehow if that’s the way Jobs&Co wants to go – you can’t blame them. Apple was never really open about its platforms, but always managed to get its place under the Sun. Kudos to them for that. Also, it’s important to note that this could lead to complete halt of iPhone sales in Germany…

Back to Vodafone. Don’t you guys have F700 and N95 8GB? I find those two devices to be quite appealing. Why oh why do you want to take this kind of (stupid) action? According to the Big Red it’s the fear that other handset makers may follow Apple’s example and begin tying their handsets to specific providers (like the Samsung F700, which is exclusive to Vodafone?), further shredding the German wireless market. Yeah, it’s the benefit of the German mobile phone users you care about, not shareholders. C’mon folks, it makes me sick. You could have an iPhone deal, but you decided to go the other route. What’s the problem now?

Anyway, T-Mobile’s parent company — Deutsche Telekom — has confirmed the ruling, and is working to overturn it in an appeals processes.

[Via: AppleInsider]

  • lutzs

    vodafone does not want to stop the iPhone sales, vodafone want the iPhone simlock free.

  • Kultissim

    You are not fair, because it is a phone from apple, the law is not the same, Jobs should have the right to do everything he want?

  • Andrew

    Who cares if Vodafone’s only doing it for the shareholders? As long as it discourages manufacturers from tying their phones to networks it can only be a good thing.

  • Will Park

    As it stands, Vodafone’s decision smells a lot like they’re just trying to run get back at Apple for losing the iPhone contract to T-Mobile. I agree with Dusan, it’s despicable.

  • John

    I am glad that at least the courts have the sense to continue backing the So Called Laws Of The Land.

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