Apple kicks up iPhone storage to 16GB for $100 more

Apple releases 16GB iPhoneThat’s it. I never thought I’d say this, but this is the first time that I sincerely feel like getting rid of my iPhone 8GB. It’s just not as appealing as it once was.

Calm down. The only reason I say this is because my iPhone 8GB is no longer the big-kid on the iPhone-block. You see, Apple has just updated their iPhone (and iPod Touch) lineup to include a new 16GB version of the iPhone. That means we’re going back to the two-tier iPhone system that we saw with the 4GB and 8GB iPhones.

The new iPhone 16GB (and iPod Touch 32GB) will ding your wallet for an extra C-note ($100), but for double the memory it’s a bargain (that is, if you can call $499 a bargain). And, that is exactly what makes me want to get rid of my 8GB iPhone….and grab a 16GB iPhone.

Hey Apple! Let’s get an iPhone swap program going. Pretty please?

Prices in the UK and Germany are £329 and 499 Euros, respectively.


  • Eric

    Why bother getting another iPhone? We would all still be stuck with at&t’s unreliable network thus rendering our phones only as useful as the carrier’s network. I love Apple products (except Leopard… sorry but I had to add that in…just my opinion,) but would think long and hard before buying anything else affiliated with at&t.

  • swapnil

    when apple iPhone 16GB launch in india

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