Video: Clearest demo of S60 3.2 transitions I’ve seen yet

S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 has transitions built in to compete with the likes of Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG who have been making their user interfaces prettier by adding eye candy. The device demonstrated below is the Nokia 6220 Classic and while it will not be shipping for another few months, meaning the final experiance can change, here is an example of what we can expect. Notice the new gallery application, the rotating screen, etc:

  • Fernando

    Absolutely love it! But why we didn’t saw transitions in N96/N78 demos? They’re still adding transitions in their themes?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    possibly, remember that these devices are supposed to come out in Q3 so that is a LONG time for Nokia to get their themes right.

  • bazza

    wow, that is quite impressive. its subtle and functional.

    its the little things that count and that is fine improvement to the overall look to the OS.

  • Gustokonyan

    Wow, menu transitions are cool. Will it be available on S60 FP1 through updates in the future? Or its only for FP2s?

    I just bought an N82, and my eyes were shining so bright when i read your post about N95, N95 8gb and N82! Another high five for me buying n82 hehe.

    Sir, another question. My previous phone is a nokia 5300, will this thing work?:
    i’ll back up notes, messages, contacts, calendar, etc of my 5300 using PC Suite. Is it possible to restore the back up file to my n82? (s40>s60, eh?)

    thanks 😉

  • Andy

    Yes, cool for a while, then you get bored with them and the way they slow down the interface, and want to get rid of them. They are nice looking and work in some places, in many places not. I hope there’s an option to switch them off.

  • Zak

    This isn’t purely for Nokia.

    This is a Symbian update therefore phones like the G810 will have them as well 😉

  • Gustokonyan

    Does anyone know where to find the Task List program that shows the running applications as well as the RAM usage and the remaining ram available? i kept looking and looking on my phone, cant find it. Is it a third party application? My phone is a Nokia N82. Thanks

  • Gustokonyan

    i think its a 3rd party app. if it is Sir stefan, can you give me the download link of the task list application you are using? thanks

  • Chris P

    To me it looks a bit like a 3rd party app over the top – ie quite artificial, maybe its because I am used to the older transitions? When you click on something the effect looks like an ‘effect’ inbetween, not like a seamless transition. Obviously this may change by Q3. Does anyone else feel the same?

    Is anyone else very concerned about Symbian – it seems that they think the current S60 is pretty much fine, all they need to do is slap some effects and touch to it and it will be great? S60 needs a far greater change and they need to correct a lot of details however S60 seem a conservative lot so not much will happen I suspect.

  • Gandalf

    hate anything that slows down the UI and consumes ram…

    one of the 1st things i ussually disable in XP/VISTA are the tehmes and GUI effects, so why would i want thme on a phone?

    usability is forgotten sometimes…

  • bazza

    gosh! you guys really know how to sssssuck the fun out of a room. lol

    doubt they would design it in this day and age for it to be a hindrance and resource hog, especially with the OS’ new memory management technologies. Of course I’m sure there will be an off switch.

  • Chris P

    Bazza – I’ve just got high expectations! I just want Nokia to be better. 🙂

  • Gandalf

    no no, it’s not only a matter or resource hog, but of responsivness of an ac tion: I click on camera button and i wanna see the camera interface, dont wanna wait for the screen to zoom, rotate, swing, not even 1 second more..

    why sholda wait for seeing an animation I dont care a about when I’d rather get immediately what I launched?

  • PlayerKill

    Wow!!! I’m absolutely loving these transitions. They’re not intrusive and is a great wow factor. Unlike other people, I don’t believe this will decrease the responsivenes… The transitions are fast too, not like you have to wait 1 sec to see the transition finished…

    Also, I like the new gallery app. I hated the cycle thing he have currently.

  • Topy

    Actually better than i was expecting and like someone said above it’s still some time till we can actually buy those devices that are using fp2 (N96, E71, N82 etc).

  • Antoine of BH/MMM

    While the transistions are a good idea, they show a considerable flaw in the UI itself. For example, those screens when you go from launcher to application, you get jarring changes from tiles to lists, or the top of the screen totally changes, making it look like a different computer. There’s transision, now can we improve the flow by making the apps all look like they are some part of the same family in more than font’s that are too large 😉

  • newtype2011

    I think it is a step in the right direction, but I agree with everyone who stated that such things shouldn’t come at the expense of UI speed. Also, Nokia is going to have to do better than this if they want to keep customers –

  • viipottaja.

    Gandalf, I agree. However, e.g. that turning and zooming etc. effect is probably “running on top” of the camera actually opening. I.e. without the transition animation you would be just waiting for the camera to start. At least now you have some eye candy to keep you occupied and to give you a perceived sense of more speedy UI.

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