Panasonic Viera P950iTV – high resolution mobile TV phone that we’ll never see

Panasonic is turning up the heat on the mobile TV market with their latest high-res mobile TV phone. The Panasonic Viera P950iTV rocks the heralded Viera branding and lives up to its namesake. With a bright and crisp 3.5-inch 262k color display spec’d at 854 x 480 pixels, 4000:1 contrast ratio, 30 fps video playback, and TV/audio out ports, the Panasonic Viera P950iTV is about as good a mobile TV phone as it gets. Or rather, one that we’ll never get – this baby is Japan-only, folks.

Panasonic Viera P950iTV with high-resolution mobile TV display

But, the Panasonic Viera P950iTV isn’t just playing off Panny’s high-end TV Veria brand for the sake of mobile TV viewing – it sports a 2 megapixel camera, HSDPA, and SDHC card slot to make it a truly capable feature phone. And that huge 3.5-inch swiveling display is trick.

Too bad we won’t be seeing this thing in the US.

[Via: Ubergizmo]

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