US ITC: Nokia in the clear, did not tread on Qualcomm patents

Qualcomm vs NokiaIt’s been a nice, long dry spell without Nokia and Qualcomm-related patent-battling news. We were getting a little too comfortable with the absence of the two company’s legal bickering.

Well, it was too good to last. The latest round in the Nokia vs. Qualcomm debacle that has spilled into high courts the world over and even managed to drag the US International Trade Commission into the fight, vindicates Nokia of any wrongdoing. The US ITC will uphold their previous ruling that Nokia did not violate any of Qualcomm’s patents.

We’re sure Qualcomm is none too pleased with this particular ruling, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see another appeal. Go Qualcom, er, go Nok, I mean, can’t we all just get along?

[Via: CNN Money]

  • reptile18

    How much could they potentially earn if they decided to join forces?

  • Viipottaja

    Go Nokia! Fuck you, Qualcomm! I knew Nokia was right all along. Don’t you dare appeal again, you Qaulcomm motherfuckers!

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