AT&T launching 10 channels for AT&T Mobile TV tomorrow on LG Vu and Samsung Access

AT&T Mobile TV on Samsung AccessThe long wait for AT&T’s new mobile TV service, appropriately dubbed “AT&T Mobile TV,” will soon come to an end. As expected, the new AT&T Mobile TV service is set to launch on May 4 (tomorrow) with 10 full-streaming TV channels. But, there’s a catch. You have to have an AT&T cellphone equipped with Qualcomm’s MediaFLO hardware in order to get access to these 10 new mobile TV channels.

On launch, AT&T will have only two handsets compatible with the Mobile TV service – the LG Vu and the Samsung Access. The two handsets, priced at $300 and $200 (on new contract and after $100 rebate), respectively, will initially be the only devices from AT&T that will be able to run the new AT&T Mobile TV application. AT&T Mobile TV is set to launch in 58 major US markets, including Los Angeles and New York.

The new service will cost AT&T customers $15 a month. The channel lineup looks like this: CBS Mobile, Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile TV, Fox Mobile, MTV, NBC 2Go, NBC News 2Go, Nickelodeon, Sony Pictures and CNN Mobile Live.

So, who’s itching to get their LG Vu or Samsung Access hooked up to AT&T’s Mobile TV? Drop us a line and let us know if it’s worth the extra $15 per month.

[Via: MobileCrunch]

  • jake

    I bought the LG Vu and it is so worth it and the tv is really good. I'd definetly give the extra $15 You get all the channels you need or want and it is pretty cheap compared to how much I use it.

  • Rob

    Seems like I only have one free channel. That’s good enough for me.

  • enriquet

    The previews are Okey… it should be $ 5 per mnth…

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