Nokia N96 available for pre-order – $1,200 and ships on 7/31

The sleeker and arguably better looking successor to the Nokia N95 has been eagerly awaited since it was officially announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year. With WiFi, DVB-H mobile TV, GPS, and 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash under the hood, the Nokia N96 and it’s glossy black finish is almost guaranteed to be a hit for Espoo.

And, with anecdotal evidence assuring us that the new backlit keypad and bar-shaped keys will be just as easy (possibly easier) as the Nokia N95’s keyad, there’s really nothing standing in the way of the Nokia N96’s success.

Nokia N96That being said, online retailer has listed a Nokia N96 for pre-order. Awesome, right? Well, only if you can muster the $1,200 asking price. Keep in mind that Nokia’s estimated retail price on the handset is just (relatively speaking, of course) $800.

The launch-date diviners at are expecting Nokia to go live with the Nokia N96 on July 31. We have no reason to believe or doubt this seemingly arbitrary launch date, so we’ll run with it until we hear otherwise.

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  • Andrew

    To be honest I’m not really tempted by this phone at all. What’s the point in having the big screen over the N78 candybar form when they both have the same resolution screen? The only thing it has over the N78 for most people is the large on-board memory and a higher price tag. Has anyone at IntoMobile actually tried DVB-H yet? I was just checking the net and there’s 13 launched services in the whole world, and 3 of those are from one country. The only way anyone in the UK will be getting a signal is if they can pick one up from either Finland or Switzerland (Nigeria and Vietnam have service but the UK doesn’t?). Anyway, apart from the larger screen with the same amount of pixels and the large memory there’s no point paying the higher price tag and tolerating a slider (we all know how reliable Nokia sliders are).

    It’s not out til the end of July and according to my Vodafone shop in town they expect the N78 to be out today and it’s cheaper, candybar and it has the FM transmitter. Apart from the smaller memory and screen it’s the same phone after that.

  • Joe

    I want it!

  • maique

    we ‘here’ otherwise ??

  • andrew 3000

    there is also a 5 MPix camera with dual led flash too and the capacity to record at 30fps!, in N78 15fps max by deafult

  • andrew 3000

    but 1200$ is a very execive price

  • newtype2011

    The N78 will be a compelling device for anyone looking for a solid phone at a solid price, but the N96 is all about excess with a laundry list of features (that few will really use).

    I for one am very happy with my N95-3, and given the fact the N96 won’t have full support for the US 3G bands, I won’t be rushing out to purchase this — especially not for that outrageous pre-order price.

  • andrew 3000

    what is N78s price tag?

  • tony

    andrew: No one knows yet. Roughly $400 retail, before any contract.

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