Lenovo P960 has fingerprint biometrics security and that’s about it

Lenovo P960

Lenovo has recently launched a new mobile phone – P960. Specs wise, there’s nothing special about the device — it has a dual-band GSM/GPRS radio on board, 1.3 megapixel camera, 2.8-inch touchscreen, and a microSD memory expansion slot. However, what sets the P960 apart is the presence of fingerprint biometrics security powered by Atrua Technologies.

The technology mentioned is used to protect sensitive data such as VIP recordings, text messages, call history, and address book information. What I don’t understand, though, is why Lenovo haven’t built inside a 3G or WiFi radio. The thinking is that you want to protect data, but what kind of data you want to access over a GPRS connection? Pure text, I guess.

Anyway, we’re not sure where you can grab the P960 nor how much it costs. As I just said, the lack of 3G and WiFi are real dealbreakers for me. Hopefully, we’ll see Lenovo releasing an updated version of the device in the near future that will work much faster with the data…

[Via: slashphone]

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