Meizu M8 Due Out in December

The anticipated launch of the Meizu M8 is coming soon, at least before the end of 2008 from all I can tell. The Taiwan based Geek IT Store will be launching the so-called ‘iPhone Killer’ (I’ve heard that before) starting in the Chinese market and the Indian market to follow, starting in December.

The 8GB model should sell for somewhere around $380 and $470.

Key features of the Meizu M8:

  • 3.2-inch LCD screen
  • 3 MP Camera
  • Windows CE
  • FM Tuner
  • 3D Surround Sound
  • EDGE
  • Bluetooth

Looks like a nice little device. However, calling in an ‘iPhone Killer’… I think not.

[Via: TechTicker]

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