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The Signal (IntoMobile Podcast: Episode 1)

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 at 1:54 PM

Welcome to the inaugural IntoMobile podcast, dubbed appropriately “The Signal”.

Get your five bars-worth of mobile technology headlines, rumors, releases and interviews right here, every week. We’re still getting rolling, so it’s not up on iTunes just yet, but stick around, we should have everything settled in by next week. Will and I run down the big stuff, including the T-Mobile G1 launch, but we also have a chat with Scott Webster from about his impressions of Android, its future, and how the new mobile platform will mature. We also take some time to talk with Sean O’Leary from TapRoot about their foray out of the white label game and into consumer software. Their Walking Hotspot is very innovate, but we’re wondering how handy it really is to carry around a Wi-Fi router in your pocket…

Download the MP3 of The Signal: Episode 1 (1:09:41). We’ll be on iTunes soon, sit tight!


We’re aiming to have these up every Friday, just had a few hosting issues this time around. Now, our news bit actually ran ridiculously long, so a lot was pared down, but here’s all the big stuff from last week.


T-Mobile’s G1 gets announced for $179, available October 22nd – The Google Phone is here! (Liveblog)
HTC Touch HD available for pre-order at Amazon Germany for 619 EUR
China Mobile Seeking 3G and WiFi-Less iPhone
Acer to launch its smartphones in Q1 2009
SanDisk announces microSD cards full of DRM-free music


Nokia Tube coming next week?
Is this the Sony Ericsson Kate?
Art Lebedev’s WiMAX concept phone for Scartel Russia is cool
LG’s next 8-megapixel cameraphone spotted
Another LG handset with a DVB-T tuner – the HB620T
Nokia E71 probably coming to Fido
Nokia E75 QWERTY slider spotted in the wild!
Motorola Q11 pictures leaked
AT&T prepping LG Xenon as 3G text messaging handset for holidays?
ASUS P565 – A VGA Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone from ASUS?
Treo Pros Ready to Ship… Or Are They?
Palm’s Nova OS To Launch as Late as June 2009
Best Buy To Carry the Nokia N96 Next Month?
Tough times ahead in UK for N96?
BlackBerry Storm specifications solidified
Telus Touch Pro, Dual kinda sorta announced
LG KC910 spotted in the wild
Apple prepping 32GB iPhone 3G?

Releases and announcements

HTC Touch Dual live on Telus
UK: Nokia N96 – coming very soon on Vodafone and Three!
Sony Ericsson unveils unlimited music downloads – PlayNow plus; Coming to Telenor in Sweden in Q4 2008
Bell HTC Diamond Pricing and Release Date
Sony Ericsson announces range of Bluetooth watches for women
Pantech IM-S380K – another stylish slider you probably won’t see
Motorola VE20 lands on Alltel
BlackBerry Bold launches in Serbia and Spain
BlackBerry Bold landing in Borneo, India
Samsung announces second Armani phone called M75500 Night Effect

Music by Krazy Baldhed.

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