RIM addresses BlackBerry Bold delay, points to AT&T

Mike Lazaridis sassing AT&T

Last week RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis addressed the ongoing frustration of many consumers still waiting for the BlackBerry Bold in the U.S: “There’s great scrutiny, as you might know, on that network and a certain device. So I guess everyone wants to be sure on every last test.” To think that the latest in the BlackBerry line has been delayed for several months due to simple quality assurance seems a little unlikely, especially since we had a niggling suspicion that AT&T might be having some network issues. Regardless, an AT&T spokesperson has assured us that the Bold will be landing before the end of the year, and with launch parties happening throughout the month, November seems like a real possibility. Who’s sick of waiting? Show of hands?

[via AP]

  • KennMSr

    The only thing I’m tired of waiting for is for AT&T to get their infrastructure updated so I can get the iPhone 3G service in my area that I’m paying extra for every month since july. It was projected back in Feb 2008 by AT&T coverage maps that it existed and here its 8 months later and only promises that it will be available before years end. The worst part of that scenario is that an AT&T corporate store exists across the street and here they have been trying to sell 3G iPhones since July without a way of demonstrating all of the iPhone’s features. Last month a Best Buy was opened a block away also in the 3G non coverage area.

  • tim

    just becuase you are in a non 3g area..does not mean they are not going to sell them in the area..we have a corporate store and best buy here in a non 3g area and they sell just as fast and just as much as areas that do have 3g..

  • BBConvert

    The only thing that could make this delay palatable is if they dropped the price down to $200. What a travesty!

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