Brian Eno’s Bloom iPhone app wants to relax you while composing

The father of ambient music, Brian Eno, has teamed up with musician/programmer Peter Chilvers to create a neat application called Bloom. Touted as a “part instrument, part composition and part artwork,” Bloom creates something what we could call a new instrument designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The idea is to tap a colored screen in various places and produce your own music. After you’ve finished tapping, the newly created track is played in a loop, thus creating a new music on the fly. While music is played, the tones appear as colored spots that slowly fade.

In addition to creating your own music, Bloom can also create songs on its own using some form of random algorithm…

To sum it up, this application certainly won’t help you be more productive, but it could definitely help you relax from time to. Four bucks is all they ask and once you try it out, you should love Bloom.

[Via: Gizmodo]

  • 750×500

    This is a great app but the sound crackles constantly when used on an iPod Touch. I hope this bug gets fixed soon.

  • Chris

    I second 750×500 – it would be amazing if it wasnt for the crackling on the touch, all other music and apps with background music just work dandy, but this one, ugh, makes a relaxing experience tend to lean more on the stressfull side! I hope they fix this soon

  • 750×500

    I’ve had a reply from the devs and they’re working with Apple to fix the problem 🙂

  • Chris

    well, excellent news then, 750×500 … first, I was afraid that my new Touch had some serious trouble, and apple support was more like: hmmm, you have to return it, not good … alas, now I just will be patiently waiting for the fix to get online, yeeehaaa

  • Jason Weaver

    I’ve been using it on the 1st gen iPod Touch and the sound is great. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever listen to anything else again! Wonderful application!

  • 750×500

    It only affects the 2nd gen according to the devs.

  • alooper21

    i find touch-screen devices difficult to use, therefore i chosed an ipod clasic for music listening, but this little gem would be a sure reason to buy an ipod touch if only i had the money. i know i wouldn’t use it to listen to “regular” music, but hell, who would need it, anyway? this “game” can make anyone a little brian eno, henge a little godfather of ambient music! i hope it has lots of samples and gives the possibilities to load your own samples, though, begause if is limited on this side then the beauty of it just fades. still, top little app, and it comes in cheap considering the genius ideea.

    now what i expect from apple is to come out with a device that allows you to make full fledged tracks on the go. like a sampler, step sequencer and mixer in one pocket device. that would be a smash! digital cameras brought photography to the mases, now such a little “studio” would bring music creation to the masses 😀

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